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Produkty Open-Mesh jsou používány po celém světě miliony uživatelů ve více než 35.000 cloudově řízených sítí po celém světě každý den. Pro každou síť je jeden příběh: několik zákazníků se s námi podělilo o ty své.


The Fenmore Condominiums

The Fenmore is a 205-unit apartment complex located just steps from the home of the Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park. Built around 1912, The Fenmore originally boasted such amenities as an office staff, maids, and house-keeping. But a century later, the residents were looking for a much more modern amenity: wireless Internet. [MORE]


Westin Grand Vancouver Hotel

The Westin Grand Vancouver is a 210-room, four-star hotel reaching 33 stories above Vancouver, British Columbia. Despite the world-class location and service, the hotel's Internet service was increasingly falling short of guest expectations. That was until the hotel deployed a solution with the help of an Open-Mesh vendor. [MORE]


Liveport Hospitality Networks

Liveport saw a need to provide reliable and affordable guest wireless Internet service to hotels and resorts. But when their hardware provider changed markets and increased prices by 400 per cent, Liveport began upgrading customers to Open-Mesh and deploying new systems at hundreds of new hotels. [MORE]


Kraft Nabisco Championship

The LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship attracts more than 50,000 spectators and 200 accredited media personnel. Tournament organizers faced constant challenges in delivering a reliable wireless network to media personnel until Open-Mesh helped to deliver a cloud-managed wireless mesh solution. [MORE]


Thetford Academy

Located on over 200 acres at Thetford Hill Green in Vermont, Thetford Academy is an independent school of approximately 300 students. Finding a product that could cover the entire campus with a fast, reliable wireless network at a price that made sense proved challenging, until they discovered Open-Mesh. [MORE]


Emmanuel Church

Emmanuel church’s building has been a continual work in progress, changing and growing to meet the needs of 750 regular attendees and the larger community of 35,000. Emmanuel saw a need to greatly expand and improve the church’s wireless network, which they were able to do easily and affordably with Open-Mesh. [MORE]


Empire Palms Apartments

The Empire Palms Apartments is a 58-unit apartment complex located in Ventura, California. When the owner of Empire Palms wanted to offer an amenity to attract new tenants and entice existing tenants to stay longer, he found that an Open-Mesh wireless Internet deployment was his best investment. [MORE]


Peregian Beach Community

Peregian Beach is a small village on Australia's Sunshine Coast. The closely concentrated town has many outdoor cafes and eateries that are enjoyed year-round. Now, with a community-wide WiFi network, customers are staying longer and spending more in local businesses. [MORE]


City of Belton, Texas

After an unsuccessful attempt at a community wifi project, the city of Belton, Texas turned to Open-Mesh to deliver an easy, affordable solution. The result has helped the community be more Internet friendly and inviting to local visitors. [MORE]



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